Announcing SCLX Cares




Since our founding in 2007 we as an organization have supported various charities and outreaches such as Toys for Tots, the Houston Food Bank, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and Curing Kids Cancer, as well as partnering up with Alamo City LX, DFWLX, and NJ Modern Mopar for one-off charity causes.


It’s after a couple months of research and discussions that we announce a new outreach focus for 2015 (and hopefully beyond). As the SCLX family we will supply care packages to our armed forces stationed overseas.


Thank you SCLX it is because of you and how you support this organization and it’s charity efforts that we are able to undertake this project.


We have identified two established efforts we can partner with and help amplify their efforts through our charitable horsepower. Stay tuned as together we can make a difference in the lives of those serving in defense of our freedom.