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29 : Winter BBQ Cruise (Luling, TX)



05 : SCLX Mochas & Mopars Southeast

12 : Cypress Cars & Coffee



05 : WHM Musclepalooza

05 : SCLX Mochas & Mopars Southeast

12 : Cypress Cars & Coffee



02 : SCLX Mochas & Mopars Southeast

09 : Cypress Cars & Coffee

16 : Space City Cruisers Spring Show



07 : SCLX Mochas & Mopars Southeast

14 : Cypress Cars & Coffee

28 : 15th Birthday Bash at Blood Bros BBQ



Summer BBQ Cruise (Lockhart, TX)



Lone Star Mopar Fest

Space City Cruisers Fall Show

20-22 : TBA


All event attendees represent Space City LX Modern Mopar and are asked to act according to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain the reputation of Space City LX as club that respects our surroundings and our members conduct themselves in a professional manner. 
Please refrain from:
  1. Loud music.
  2. High/Excessive revving of your engine.
  3. Burnouts or other exhibition of horsepower.
  4. Reckless driving.
  5. Street Racing.
  6. Behaviors that can be deemed obscene.
  7. Excessive speed when traveling in a caravan group.
  8. Any activity near a member's vehicle that could cause damage.
  9. Leaving your children unattended.
  10. Leaving trash around the event location.
Our ability to meet at these public places is jeopardized every time an incident occurs. Bystanders look at us as "another one of those car clubs" and report these isolated incidents to the property owners and/or law enforcement.
We appreciate Car Show TV publishing this article... How Not To Be A Jerk: The Ten Commandments of Car Show Ettiqutte.
Lastly, don't end up on video like this driver, or this one, or this one.

Space City LX Modern Mopar is not your ordinary "car club". We are a community of enthusiasts, who gather locally at events, and in between events stay connected via our digital platforms. There is a lot that goes into making the SCLXperience what it is.


It takes great volunteers to make SCLX events what they are. They help unload, assist with parking, greet members, staff Mission Control, take photos, cleanup, and load out. Interested in being a volunteer? Find a member of the Leadership Team at any event.


Caravans are great ways for members to travel to events. Our priority when caravaning is SAFETY FIRST. We have drivers of all skill and experience levels who participate in these caravans. Please observe these guidelines, whether in a small area caravan or in a larger club cruise.

  1. Be familiar with the destination as discussed in the event information thread.
  2. Attend the caravan pre-departure driver's meeting at the meetup location.
  3. If you have some 2-way FRS radios, bring them. We use channel 5.
  4. Leave meetup location in single-file and in an orderly manner.
  5. Make note of the car that is in front of you.
  6. Stay in your caravan group and remain in a single file line.
  7. Maintain normal freeway speeds leaving a comfortable amount of distance behind the car you are following. 
  8. Be mindful, speeding up to catch the car in front of you and then having to slow down has a ripple-effect on the drivers behind you.
  9. The LT approves members to drop out of line and take photos or "rolling shots". This must be authorized prior to event day.
  10. Observe all traffic laws. Be a courteous driver. You represent SCLX on the road. 


The goal of every event is to have a great time and starts with arriving safely. To download a PDF of caravan etiquette, click here.


In case weather becomes a factor on event days, our Lead Team will be in touch with the club staff and members in the area to evaluate conditions.


A GO / NO GO decision will be made approximately twenty-four hours prior to event start. All Club Staff will be notified of the decision to cancel an event. We ask members to keep aware of an event cancellation by using the following methods:

  1. Update posted in the specific forum event thread.
  2. Update via the SCLX Telegram channel.
  3. Update in our Facebook Group.
  4. Update on twitter.com/spacecitylx.


Thank you for your cooperation and help in spreading the word should we need to cancel an event due to weather.