Dodge HEMI Highway Tour


AMAZING!  That pretty much describes our thoughts after the Dodge HEMI Highway Tour rolled into Allen Samuels DCJR today.  SpaceCityLX was one of the 31 stops as Scott and Heather drive the new 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 and Dodge Charger R/T from Michigan to California.



The parking lot was full of Heritage and Modern Mopar vehicles.  More importantly, the same lot was filled with Mopar enthusiasts of all ages.  The tour stop ran from 2pm to 7pm and many took time off from the workday to come see these great vehicles first hand.




When it comes to thes new vehicles, what's the biggest difference as we can tell?  The interior fit and finish of the new 2011 Dodge Charger R/T is incredible.  Pictures do not do this new interior justice as the materials, innovations, and functionality rivals that of much higher priced vehicles.  We are excited about these new vehicles and look forward to when we can start seeing them at club events.

Big thanks to all of you who joined us today at the Dodge HEMI Highway Tour stop in Houston.  Thanks to Scott and Heather for contacting us and making this event happen.  And finally, thanks to our premier dealer partner, Allen Samuels of Katy, for the venue and hospitality.


Here are a couple articles on the tour from Allpar and Red Letter Dodge.

Coffee & Cars December


After one month off (due to location issues) Houston Coffee and Cars returned with a bang.  The new location, Marq-E Entertainment Center on the Katy Freeway at Silber, was bustling with cars of all shapes and sizes and car lovers of all ages.  Hennessey used this event to unveil the Venom GT supercar.

SCLX caravans began rolling from areas early and we descended on the parking lot one full hour before the event began.  In all, over 60 vehicles were at the event and we represented Modern Mopar very strong.  We will make some changes to the parking plan for the next event so that all our members can be closer together.

Our next event.... the Dodge HEMI Highway Tour... 12/7.  Hope to see you then.

Rob, stealthsrt8

VP Operations

Membership Drive, Fall 2010, is a Success!



The competition officially closed November 30th at midnight.  We have had an exciting event with my thanks to the many who participated. Soooooo let’s get to it.

Total New Members: 58

Total Points: 110



Reminder – Rules

All tagged cars received 2 points

All other referrals received 1 point.



Winner of Area Competition is:

West / Southwest

Total New Members: 20

Total Points: 39


Northwest / Northeast

Total New Members: 20

Total Points: 36


East / Southeast

Total New Members: 18

Total Points: 35



Winner of Individual Competition (First and Second Place shown) is:

Name: Bill Denton (SlimShady)

Total Points: 36


Name: Roger Ybarra (Fuzzycali)

Total Points: 26


Westside Area Coordinators will get to choose the Feb 2011 Main Event and Individual Winner Bill Denton will receive a dash plaque to commemorate our first competition.  Congratulations to the contest winners and a big SCLX welcome to our new members.

“Let’s keep tagging those cars”


Jerry, GR8SRT

VP Member Services

2011 Event Calendar


Today the Leadership Team met and finalized the 2011 Main Event Calendar.  As we do at the end of every year, we review the events that were popular (current and previous years), event ideas from members, and build a calendar for the next year that we feel is a good mix of what members would enjoy.


For 2011, we've decide to add some structure to the Main Event dates.  Most of them will fall on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  There are more "cruisies" this year as that's the #1 thing members have said they like to do.  We combined the Galveston Cruise with the SCLX Birthday Bash and we will have two events with our brothers and sisters from DFWLX.  And who can forget... October brings All Texas LX #6.


With added structure, this allows for the 4th weekend of the month to be open for Area Coordinators to have mini-meets, for members to organize track days, paintball, softball, etc.


So, if you are new to the club, or one of those long-time members but have never been to an event, we hope to see you sometime in 2011.  Once you meet your fellow members, and see that we are not your typical car club, you'll be hooked!

SCLX Leadership Team


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Central M&G October 2010


SCLX members had that rare gulf coast opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet with cool temperatures.  We welcomed a number of first time members as well as some members that we had not seen in a while. Members were all upbeat, lots of discussions about The Hemi Highway Dodge tour event coming on Dec 7th.



Most all are getting ready for the holidays. As we wind down 2010 there are still plenty of opportunities to meet up with fellow sclx members.


Happy Thanksgiving,

Jerry "Gr8srt"

VP-Member Services

Kart Day at Track 21


SCLX, start your engines....well, some of you did.  The main event at Track 21 this weekend, although rated highly by club members as an event that everyone wanted, was poorly attended.  We turned in a headcount based on RSVPs and needless to say was embarrased when many did not show.


To those who stopped by and raced or just hung out, thank you very much!


Competition was close.  Members competed in two heats and their times were added together.  Clint, "knightrider" came in with 51 and Mark "MARK" came in with 52.27.  Honorable mention goes to Scott "sgtdew" who's competed in the second SCLX heat and a non-SCLX heat and had a time of 51.97 - great runs Scott.

Thank you to the Westside Area Coordinators for having the event well organized and for getting participants some great deals.  Hope to see a good turnout at this weekend’s Friday Target Central Meet and Greet !! Let’s all make plans to attend.

Jerry "Gr8srt"

VP-Member Services

SEMA 2010


Rob David


We are very fortunate to have a group of SCLXers who are at the annual Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Vegas.  Our own VP of Member Services and club photog, Jerry and Shelly Lawson, are at the show and will upload pictures daily for all of us to enjoy.




Be sure to also check out the SEMA thread in our forum.  As we get them we will post links other albums by Raygun, DarthCharger, and tledoux.


All Texas LX #5 Recap


Wow what an incredible time we had this year with our All Texas LX event in Waco!  Huge thanks to all our great members for the support with attending this year's event.  Your participation set the course for this event to become THE EVENT in Texas each year that folks won”t want to miss. Without you, we could not have won the "club challenge" and beat DFWLX.  The losing president had to wear the a work shirt from the winning club, and, put the winning club sticker on their car until next year.  In addition, we look forward to DFWLX joining us for one of our events in 2011.  The best part of the club challenge, and it's designed purpose, was to challenge members to come out - and it worked!!!!!


If you couldn’t be with us, our weekend kicked off with a small caravan of SCLXers heading to Waco Friday afternoon.  Those that stayed  in  Houston rolled out the red carpet for our extended family – Heidi and the team from Billet Technology (BT). We always have good times at Raising Canes and then finished Friday night with a huge turnout at the Central M&G at Target.

Just a few shorts hours later, we all met up at Buc-ees for the Saturday caravan departure.  It's always exciting to see cars streached out single file over a mile long!  While we were prepared with jacks and spare tires, we thankfully didn't need them at all.  Carlos took some spectacular rolling shots of those cars in the caravan.  Be sure to go in the forum and check them out.

Our main rally point was Rudy's BBQ for check-in and lunch where we officially kicked off All Texas LX 2010.  Attendees were helpful as we broke into groups to depart for the photoshoot.  Thank you for your help in staying in the designated groups and following on site staff during the shoot. We feel there was good improvement over last year. 

Here is a shot of the All Texas LX group photo:


Here's the SCLX group photo:

If that wasn’t enough, the afternoon really picked up momentum with folks leaving the photoshoot to have some fun around Waco with bowling, paintball, museum tour, zoo, etc. Many others were so pumped about getting together they rushed and took over the hotel lot with our vendor alley and M&G.  Mopar maniacs know how to eat as we served 50 pizzas and drinks at the M&G, all provided by our sponsors.  We were so grateful to our sponsors for all the support with the event. We thank you for supporting them (as so many did) with your purchases.


Again, a huge thank you to everyone that participated. We trust you found the event meaningful to you and wanting you to come back next year.  Watch out because it will be even bigger and better!  The club leadership teams are scheduled to debrief this year's event and see what we need to work on and improve.  We will also start event planning for All Texas LX 2011 in a few short weeks.  So stay tuned and when we say “SAVE THE DATE” – get those calendars cleared off and be a part.

Have a great week,

John, JohnnyBee


Prepping for All Texas LX #5



The LT is going through final preparations for All Texas LX 2010.  Checklists are being made, items being assembled, and logistics for the caravans Friday and Saturday are being finalized.  This got us to thinking about the past events.  If #5 is going to be your first ALL TEXAS we hope you enjoy this little video recap of #1 through #4.


We are excited that we get to spend Saturday with so many owners from across the state.  If you're not able to join us, be sure to tune in to SCLX TV.  We'll do our best to broadcast some video updates throught the day.


2010/4th Qtr Member Recognition Award



The SCLX Member Recognition Award is given every quarter.  Members nominate other members and the top three nominees advance to a general vote.  We want to congratulate Jerry Lawson for winning the first SCLX Member Recognition award.  Jerry garnered 52.8% of the votes and is a great ambassador for the club.  Read Jerry's acceptance speech here.


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