As of today we have discontinued our SCLX CONNECT app for Android and iOS.

We first launched the app five years ago to provide an additional place for members to get information and connect. Over the last year we've taken a look at the app and asked, is it still functional and useful to justify the cost? There are a lot of things the app did "okay". There are a few things it didn't do that we wanted. In the end, the app was nice, but for the things it did "okay" we had other platforms to distribute that information on.

It's not all bad news.... we have some good news. This one is for you past and present FORUM users. We know you like to post photos and in the past it's been a multi-step process to do that. You'd have to upload the photo to a third-party, copy and paste the link, etc.

As of today you have the ability to attach the photos and place them anywhere in your post, directly at and it works from any device.



For step-by-step visit this forum post.