Tips for Airline Travel to Spring Festival 14


Anthony Carter | LX & Beyond Nationals


The top reason we often hear for not attending Spring Festival is that its too far away. We understand that packing up your Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger or Dodge Magnum and hitting the road is not possible for everyone. That does not mean that you have to miss out on the fun! Another option is flying out to meet everyone in SoCal. If you're smart about it and plan ahead it's cheaper than you think.


1. Leave for #SF14 on Wednesday or Thursday. Airline fares are often much lower those days instead of waiting until Friday when everyone travels. Also, arriving early gives you time to do some sightseeing before everyone arrives, avoid any delays and allow you to adjust to the time zone change.


2. Don't get too attached to sticking to one airline. Depending on where your home is located another airline may have a cheaper fare on either end. Smart airline travelers bargain shop for the best rates to keep the expenses low. Nothing wrong with booking 2 separate one-way trips, this is 2019.


3. Time is of the essence. In other words, you want to go to #SF14 Spring Fest 14 so start your search now to secure your airline travel. There are an abundance of hotels in SoCal to choose from even if its not the main hotel but there are only so many flights going to Pomona, California that week. Also, airline rates skyrocket 2-3 weeks prior to your travel date. Don't forget this is Spring Break for many kids and California is a prime destination.


* Some people say the best fares are last minute which is true in some situations, but Spring Break is definitely not one of those times you want to gamble on last minute deals. Plus it's no fun stressing out that you may not get a flight or end up paying double what you could've paid weeks ago.


4. Check nearby major airports at your home location and Pomona, California. The closest airport to #SF14 Spring Fest 14 is Ontario International Airport (ONT). Depending on which airlines you choose, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) could be a cost-savings option but will require an hour drive (or longer if you wait until Friday to arrive. LA traffic is no joke if you have never been here before). 30-60-90 minute drive could save you $200-400.


5. Return home from #SF14 on Monday if you can. Depending on the airline, fares are sometimes lower on Monday instead of heading home on Sunday when everyone is on a time crunch to get back home to get to work. Use the extra day to hit the beach, relax at the hotel, or do some sightseeing, this is California after all. After an exciting weekend of Mopar fun nobody really likes going to work on Monday anyway, right?


Hope this info helps our long distance enthusiasts!


We look forward to seeing everyone at #SF14 Spring Fest 14 on March 23 at the historic Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.


Drive, fly, carpool, whatever it takes!!




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