Let's finish what we started in 2012



Hello SCLX!!!


Back in 2012 we had this idea....



Raise money for what we dubbed the SCLX Event Rig. This trailer would hold all the equipment we needed to host events. A public address system, tables, pop-ups, cones, and storage containers for event items.


Thanks to the members back then, we were able to purchase the trailer and all the equipment we outlined at the time. One thing we did not have budget for was to "wrap" the trailer. So instead we just added decals to the sides. We were modding on a budget!


Fast forward to 2017. We started a fund to set aside donations that you focused to trailer enchantments. Our goals were to get a few more tables, another pop-up, and to finally upgrade the dated graphics.


Now, it's 2020. We were able to get that equipment, but not the graphics. They have been out of our budgetary reach.


I had the idea a few weeks ago... what if we nixed the wrap and just painted the trailer? After all, we have the best in the business who is also a long-time member of SCLX.... Colin of Hurst Collision. I asked Jerry (gr8srt) to reach out to Colin.


Here's what makes the #SCLXFamily so special..... Colin is going to donate his labor back to the club, all we have to do is cover the cost of materials!!!!!


So, if you've made a donation already in 2020.... thank you, please feel no obligation to give.


For those of you who have not made a donation to SCLX in 2020, the past couple years, or ever, I'm asking you to consider doing so. Together we can finally check off this graphics item from our original 2012 list.


All funds raised will be focused in the following order:

1. Painting supplies and materials for trailer.

2. New tires for trailer.


The fundraising goal.... $800.

Any funds over the goal will go towards:

3. Ongoing monthly operating budget for the club.


I know we can do this SCLX, thank you in advance. Hit the link below to make a donation...




All the best,