Coffee & Cars / Kemah M&G / Softball


A packed weekend of events started early with Coffee and Cars.  The cooler weather brought everyone out.  We had over 70 cars representing SCLX.  Eventhough we had a team go early to save some spots, that still wasn't enough for all the members who showed up.  We are no longer allowed to save spots so we'll come up with a plan.


The Saturday double-header ended with a trip to Kemah for the weekly car show in the Home Depot parking lot.  So many great people and their cars on display.  Seeing the old school Mopars is always a treat.


On Sunday was the first SCLX Softball game.  Big thanks to the main people behind the event, Roger, Jose, and Randy.  From reading the forum threads everyone had a great time and has the potential to become a regular outing.  Are we ready to challenge some other clubs in town?  Sounds like we are.  Click here to see some great pics by Carlos.