The Why


Back in 2007, the founding members of SCLX felt being a "dues-free and sponsor-free" organization was very important. We did not want a membership fee to hinder an owner's active participation.

Members helping members is not just something we say. It's something we've done from day one. It's what we continue to do today.
We wouldn't be where we are today without the first dollar that was given back in May 2007. Where will YOU help us go?



The Where


All gifts go to towards operating expenses for the club, a sample of which are:

  • Storage Unit Rental
  • Trailer Expenses and Parking Rental
  • Event Equipment
  • Event Supplies
  • Software & Subscriptions
  • Hosting & Site Security
  • Email
  • Printing


We've made it easy with these three methods.


1.  Via our Online Store


2.  Cash App $SCLX


3.  In person, stop by the merch table at an event and make a gift in cash or by card.